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April 2022 NEWS UPDATE

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. Isa 61:1

New Resource Available

I am excited to announce I have my new resource available below it's been written to help equip, encourage and resource local church leaders and others who seek to open their doors and hearts to minister to those caught in active addiction or who are in recover from addiction.

Events Update

We were thrilled to have held our first pioneer 'Free to Be' event in Coventry in partnership with New Life Church, where we saw 7 women make decisions for Jesus and many responded for prayer and received freedom. The church supported the outreach project by giving every woman that came a free copy of the book to support those in their community. It was also great to partner with Viki Holden a gifted and anointed worship leader who had recently released her new album Free to be. Please take a look at her new single here. are looking forward to partnering again together in London in May and in Wales again in the next few months.

February I was also privileged to visit and minister at Elim's CLC women's brunch with Jane Foster and team. It was a wonderful time being with them, Jane and Simon are dear friends, so it was an honour to serve them in their new roles at the church. Following the message there were 6 responses for Jesus and many others who received prayer.

March was busy month and it was a joy to be in Letchworth with LGCC where Dani Johnston hosted their annual women's conference Fearless, it was an outstanding day one that was warmly welcomed by all. It was wonderful to be with them and bring the word the Lord load on my heart for them in this season 'Now is the Time to Rise Up'. It was also great to see 5 people respond to Jesus on the back of sharing my story and many others receive prayer.

At the end of March I was able to join Kingdom Life International a church plant that were pioneering an event called break free. It was great to be with a church that had prayed and prepared the ground I was joined in ministry by Emma Mould a great songwriter and musician, I 4 people responded for Jesus and a number of people receiving Freedom.

With the prison postponed in January, It was wonderful to be able to go into HMP Bronze-field with the support of Elim Chaplain Simeon Sturney, who was an outstanding host. Whilst we only expected a couple we were pleasantly surprised that COVID restrictions had lifted which meant 24 people visited the chapel and 17 responded to Jesus. There was a real expectation as they came and I was moved with compassion and privileged to pray with them all. Somehow there never seems enough time to give them all the attention you would want in those moments. So it was great when Simeon took me to visit the different wings and chat with the women after and sign some of their books for them. I am looking forward to following up on this visit and partnering more with the prison in bringing the message of hope and freedom found in Jesus.

We have still to set dates for Scotland but we are moving ahead with planning for more visits to the prisons. Please stand with me in prayer for this as I begin to follow up on some of the opportunities.

One of the greatest joys I had in the month of March was to meet J John and be interviewed for his program facing the cannon. It was such an honour and delight to be with him, his wife Killy and their wonderful team. Such great examples of excellence, humility and those who walk with Jesus and of course not forgetting how J John has impacted the Kingdom for Jesus by seeing so many come to faith through his own ministry. The program is due to be aired in October on GOD TV.

Outreach Project

So far we have been able to send 1, 270 books into the prisons. With over 80,000 prisoners in the UK we are seeking to get a copy free to every prisoner. We have only been able to do this due to the exceptional generosity of Gods people. Please pray that we will be able to continue to get financial aid to enable us to get the book out there. I

We have also been able to get 425 books into various outreach projects and recovery centres.

It was also wonderful to meet one woman who had already read the book and prayed a prayer to receive Jesus into her life whilst in Bronze-field. I look forward to visiting HMP Foston Hall in July and following up with some other potential prisons now the COVID restrictions have become a little easier. Please stand with me in prayer that God will continue to open doors and we will establish good long lasting relationships with the prisons.

Coming Up

May I am looking forward to visiting KT in London with Mark Ryan where I hope to be joined by Viki in the afternoon for some outreach. I am also looking forward to being with Marilyn Harry and the Love Wales team again in partnership with Viki to do an evangelistic outreach event.

April will be a time of following up on the prisons and prayerfully considering the mission going forwards.

Please do keep us in your prayers, that God will continue to open the doors He has ordained, that he will give favour and influence, that the Gospel message will go far and wide. Please pray for salvation and freedom for all those who we will be ministering too.

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