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Outreach Update and Up and Coming News

Abused. Addicted. Free

Feb - May Update

"Can God really forgive me?"

Yes, is the answer that led her to receive Jesus' forgiveness and come a step closer to receiving His love, grace, compassion and forgiveness.

For the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor, he has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are bound

to proclaim the year of the Lords Favour. Isa 61-12

Highlights Jan - May

Rising Brook Stafford

Revive Elim Cornwall

HMP Downview

HMP Foston Hall

HMP NewHall

Hope into Action

Elim Leaders Summit

Elim Bible College

Malachi Ministires

Kenn Chinn Podcast Texas

Reality Testimonies Programme

Testimony with CBN (awaiting release to share)

Prison and Outreach Project

To date over 3,400 books have now been sent into the prisons with the help of those who have supported and donated them, for which I am truly thankful. Sending books and visiting the prisons can only happen with your support in prayer and finance, so a massive heart felt thank you for all those who have stood with me in this. I have received many letters from prisoners that relate to finding hope, some move forward in faith but for all,it helps them it helps them to know that anything is possible, that change and hope is available to all no matter how difficult and impossible the situation may seem.

It's been my greatest joy to visit some prisons this year and meet some wonderful chaplains. There has been some sacred moments, where the Holy Spirit has just moved so evidently and powerfully during and after the meetings. Many have said yes to opening their hearts to Jesus. Some very powerful and precious moments and encounters had come also after the talks, where we have Q&A, these are very vulnerable and precious times where they can grasp some truths and how to put things into practice, or find out more about Jesus.

If you would like to donate to the outreach project please see link below.

Some Up and Coming Dates

JUNE 2023

HMP Eastwood Park,

Keynsham Elim, Cafe Church

JULY 2023

Beacon Church Camberley,

Elim Bristol,

STAR Bournemouth,

BIR Bournemouth


Christ for All Nations Bootcamp Orlando

What's Next?

From August 1st - November 20th I will be taking leave to attend the CfAN bootcamp training in America. The purpose of the programme is to train and equip evangelists to reach the masses. Following the training there will be a three week mission trip to Africa.

The bootcamp I believe will play a crucial role in preparing me for all that God has put within me moving forwards.

This is a rare and unique opportunity that God has opened up for such a time as this. During this time we will continue to send books into the prisons but all visits and ongoing ministry will resume when I return to the UK.

God has miraculously provided, however, I am still in need of support in prayer and finance to help with personal living costs, with that in mind I have attached a link below if you would wish to support me personally whilst I am away. I will be posting regular updates on Social Media and keeping you upto date with all that is happening.

Prayer Points

Pray that God will perfect the work that God has begin in those who have been reached with the Gospel that they will come into a place of revelation and transformation in their lives.

Please pray that they receive the ongoing help and support they need in there and upon their release.

Pray that God will continue to open doors to share the Gospel.

Please pray as I go to the States for Gods, protection, provision and purposes to prevail in the lives of all the students including myself.

Pray for those divine strategic connections.

Thank you again for standing with me.

Much Love


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